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The PTSO board has had many discussions on what to do for Teacher Appreciation week May 4-8 given the current situation. Asking our parents for donations for the traditional End of Year Cheer seems insensitive as there are so many families whose circumstances have changed, and will continue to change.  Yet, we have also heard from many parents who, especially now, really want a way to show their thanks as our teachers and staff continue to work hard every day to support our students during this time of remote learning. 


The PTSO has a budget that we were originally planning to use for special ‘gifts’ throughout the Teacher Appreciation week if we were still in school.  We now plan to use this budget to provide a luncheon for the teachers and staff whenever they are safely able to return to school to pack up their rooms for the big move.


We have debated back and forth a million times whether to create a Cheddar Up link for donations, and there is no right answer during this crisis.  But what we keep coming back to is that some parents DO want to contribute. Our teachers are working even harder now, and many of our teachers have had hardships of their own.  While they certainly are not expecting anything from the PTSO, it would definitely be appreciated. PTSO will include the balance of the teacher appreciation budget (less the cost of the luncheon) with the Cheddar Up donations and send to each of our teachers and staff. 


So, if you are a parent who would like and are able to make a donation to Mount Mourne teachers and staff, we have created a link for you to contribute through May 8.   It goes without saying that this is completely optional.




Be safe and stay well.

Mount Mourne IB PTSO

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